Tuesday, 20 November 2012


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2013 bookings...

It's reaching to an end of 2012 and for those who are planning of getting married or getting engaged or planning to go for functions or photoshooting or anyone of you that would like to try my touch of work, i have started to take bookings for makeup appointments for 2013. Feel free to drop me an email :- masazleen.z@gmail.com or you may also contact me directly on my mobile :- 019-9011000 for further inquiries.. Have a great day to all...!! Cheers ;)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Makeup for Scha for IFF - JW Marriot

Haslinda's wedding makeup

Juju's wedding makeup

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The beauty secret by Beutskin Essence

Want to have a beautiful fair skin? Try this product by Beutskin Essence. Believe it or not, this product is really good. It makes you look fairer and younger. This product is suitable for everyone who want a better skin and it is from within. And especially for those who are planning for your special day. Give yourself 3 months to see the result.
If you are interested with this product, you may start making order by contacting me at : 019-9011000 or drop me an email at : masazleen.z@gmail.com, price per box is at RM240 x 60tablets

Make-up for Diana Danielle

Monday, 3 September 2012

Hello to all bakal-bakal pengantin...!!!

Sedar tak sedar dah nak masuk hujung tahun dah. Pada mereka yang nak berkahwin tu, mesti semua tengah sibuk buat persiapan buat hari yang bersejarah korang kan. Haa, ape lagi, kalau yang masih nak pening-pening kepala nak carik make-up artist tu tak payah lah risau atau segan. Saya sediakan perkhidmatan makeup untuk nikah dan sanding. So feel free to drop me an email atau boleh terus hubungi saya ditalian :-> 019-9011000.. Have a cheerful day my loveliest friends ;) Cheers!